Day 382 – Thankful for the Glow In the Deke 5k

The weather may have been a little cold, wet, and dreary, but we still had fun as a family tonight as we ran (Dominic) / walked (Becky, Gavin, & I) the Glow In the Deke.

The event is held as a fund raiser and is one that we look forward to every year.  In some years we run as a family, other years we walk, and sometimes a combination of both.  Many people cover themselves in glow sticks for the race and others (specifically Gavin) spend most of the 3.1 miles picking them all up.  After starting at UWL we run through the marsh where the entire trail is lit up with over 200 tiki torches.  It is pretty spectacular!


While this year’s Glow In the Deke may have been a little more wet than normal, it was a great excuse to help out a good cause, enjoy some physical activity outside, and, best of all, spend some time with my family.


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