Day 381 – Thankful for a Non-Stop, Productive, and Rewarding Day

Today has been pretty much non-stop from its start until now as I sit on the couch and blog while watching a movie with Dominic & Becky.

After our morning run I got ready and kept thinking through the game plan for my day at work.  Going into it I knew I was in for a while ride, I was going to need to stay focused.

The day started off with an 8am client call focused on large growth next year.  Shortly afterwards my teammate and I were able to spend a few minutes discussing possible solutions and then I was off to back to back phone interviews at 9:00 and 10:00.

From there I had a short break in the action and was then off to lunch with a good friend I hadn’t talked with in a while.  It felt awesome to re-connect and spend some time catching back up.  I’m thinking I need to do this more often!

After lunch I was able to prep for my afternoon meetings and then it was time for another phone meeting.  This one was pretty awesome – it was a coaching / mentoring call to discuss next steps from a recent leadership survey of my teammates.  At times it was rough, having to face my faults that my teammates see that I don’t always see.  That said, it was great to have someone helping to coach me through creating a plan to improve.  It was intense, but very productive.

From there it was off to another coaching and planning meeting, followed by a call with my teammate to wrap up our thoughts on our client call that started out the morning.  It was a cool way to bring the work day full circle.

After getting home we headed out for sushi, grabbed some movies, and now are chilling on the couch.

Today was non-stop.  It was incredibly productive.  There were many rewarding moments.  All in all, it was crazy busy, but well worth it.  I’m thankful for every moment of it!





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