Day 364 – Thankful for Zeke, Our Grumpy Old Bastard Cat

Today I’m pretty sure that I bumped my head pretty hard.  As I was sitting on the couch wrapping up some work after Cub Scouts tonight Zeke jumped up, snuggled in, and next thing I knew, I was petting him.  After a while I grabbed the brush and spent some time brushing him off.  We enjoyed each other’s existence for a short period of time, both realized what we were doing, and the moment was gone.  He jumped off and scampered away while I was disgusted at picking his hair out of my eyes and nose.  And that’s just how the two of us roll.


If you’ve ever been to our house I can pretty much bet that I’ve offered you the cat.  I’ve probably even offered you cash to take him.  Odds are that either you said no or Becky stopped the transaction from happening.

Zeke and I have always had a love hate relationship…  we both love to hate the other.  Way back when my niece got him as a kitten I tried to be nice to the little guy.  He came up to my feet all cute and snuggly.  I reached down to pet him, and as I did so the little bastard bit my pinky toe right in between the nail and the side of my toe.  I would explain how I handled the situation, but it might make Sarah McLachan cry (not really, there was nothing mean done to the cat).  In that moment our Seinfeld / Newman relationship was born.

Zeke has been kind enough to allow us the privilege of living with him for the past 14 years.  As his servants he treats us well, showing us his love by acting totally disinterested and showing his disgust by intentionally barfing in our walkways in the night.  Yes, he’s a grumpy old bastard cat, and we’re pretty sure the only thing that brings him true joy is being unhappy.  I don’t think he’s eaten anything but anger and frustration for years!

While you may be wondering why I’m thankful for this cranky animal, it’s actually pretty simple.  He’s a part of our family.  Thankfully, the part of the family that reminds us why life is too short to be unhappy…  unless that’s what really makes you happy???  Hmm… Maybe that logic doesn’t work in this case.

I’m also thankful for him as he brings comic relief as our old grumpy bastard cat.  He’s our Oscar the Grouch, Red Foreman, Grandpa Simpson, and Frank Costanza all rolled into one.  In Zeke’s mind he’s Batman and the rest of us our his Jokers.  As we all learned in the Batman Lego movie, Batman needs the Joker to be complete and to have a purpose.  Zeke needs us to stay crabby and grumpy…  which keeps him happy.




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