Today is one of those days when I sit back, mentally run through the day, and get exhausted just remembering it!  You know what though?  As crazy as it was, I really appreciated it.  Yes, it was non-stop craziness, but there were so many moments to be thankful for.  After thinking it through, the chaos is what helped fuel me today.  It was a successful day, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.


About the best way I could think of to blog today is to take each step at a time and point out what I was thankful for each step of the way.

  • Woke up at 5am to run 12 miles with Becky before the heat cranked up too high.  I’m thankful for the sense of accomplishment, the fact that I survived it, and that I had 1 on 1 time with Becky to start my day.
  • Went to church and heard an excellent sermon that reminded me to stay thankful and do my best to rid myself of envy.  Also at church there were a couple of times when I had my arms around my boys’ shoulders, I’m thankful that they didn’t squirm away.
  • After church Dominic and I headed to the grocery store while Gavin had Sunday school and Becky had a meeting.  We joked around the whole time, talked, and enjoyed each other’s company.  I really appreciated the one on one time with him.
  • As soon as we were finished eating we headed out to the boat.  The weather was great and it felt wonderful to be on the water on a hot day like this.
  • While sitting on the sandbar I went through my Grand Cayman book and found a bunch of really cool things to check out while we’re there in January.  I’m always thankful to be looking ahead to future vacations!
  • Gavin and I had a blast playing a couple of totally made up games while on the tubes.  We splashed, raced, floated, chilled, and everything in between.  I was thankful to have one on one time with him having that much fun.
  • Getting home brought on a slew of busy-ness including getting a bunch of Express work done – scheduling 15 phone interview for the week, scheduling one for this evening, making a job offer, getting caught up on emails and planning ahead for the week.  I’m thankful to have the ability to get work done at home at crazy hours, it seems like the only way I can fit it all in sometimes.  It was also a great sense of accomplishment to have it all dialed.  It may have eaten up more than a few hours tonight, but it feels great to get it all done.
  • At one point I was able to meet up with my neighbor Fred who just happened to have a heater like I was going to need for my garage.  He was going to get rid of it and offered it up to me.  How awesome is that?
  • Between working and watching the game I grilled supper.  It was extra work, but it felt good to do that for my family.  Becky busts her butt and does most of the cooking, I’m thankful to be able to tag in.  I’m also super thankful for all of the stuff she did today – she was busy as the Tazmanian Devil!
  • While watching the game I was texting Nick pretty regularly in the second half.  Earlier in the day I sent him 38 GIFs involving spanking – each representing a birthday spank from me!  Yes, they were all SFW…  I think…  I’m so thankful to be able to have a brother that is also a great friend.  It was pretty awesome.
  • During the fourth quarter of the game the boys both got pretty involved and it was nice spending time with the two of them hollering at the TV.  Usually Nick, Dad & I would give each other hell and text during the game, the boys jumped in and helped ease the feeling that I was missing something.  We screamed, we cheered, we were nervous, and we all celebrated at the end!  I thankful for us to have had that time together.
  • Now as I chill and blog, I’m thankful for blogging.  While it is one more thing to do before I head off to bed, it helps me remember just how awesome today was.

The day has been non-stop, but pretty damn awesome.  Not in any individual spectacular way, but in general.  Days like today leave me tired, but I’m so blessed to have so much in my life.  My life is full of a lot of awesome, and for that I’m thankful.



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