Today has already been an awesome day and it’s not even close to being complete.  Katie and I met up at 6:30am to run through our presentation one last time before it was go time.  By the time 8am rolled around we were locked and loaded, ready to go.


Everything went great, but what I’m thankful for the most is just how awesome Katie did.  She rocked it!  Feeling her confidence early on really helped lift me up and get me psyched and amped up.  Jumping right in she had great energy, did a wonderful job of presenting the concepts through sharing personal stories, and rolling with the occasional ad libbing by yours truly.  To her credit, she even managed to land a “ginger” joke part way through!  I had very high expectations for her and she managed to exceed them.  It was very easy to see all of the hard work she had put into this, and I am so thankful to have been there to watch her rock the presentation.


The day before I got a pretty cool compliment that still has me smiling.  A franchisee that I haven’t seen in a while went out of her way to thank me for a specific training that I gave at an event two years ago.  She mentioned how it impacted her business and she’s been following my advice ever since.  Talk about making me blush!  It was so cool to hear the lasting impact that I was able to make in one short training.  I was so thankful to have that boost of confidence like that prior to my next training.

Both of these events were wonderful reminders of why I do what I do.  Between being able to see a teammate shine and see the results of how I was able to benefit another franchisee I am feeling pretty damn good today.  I am thankful for doing what I do today 🙂


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