Day 361 – Thankful for Walking In Airports with Headphones On

This one is going to sound strange, but it’s an odd happy place for me that I appreciate.  While traveling today I had some time walking through a couple of airport terminals to get from one gate to another.  On the surface it’s crowded, busy, and it seems stressful…  but below that there’s a peace that I find that I really love, but mainly when I’ve got my headphones on and there’s only motion and no noise.

When the headphones are on and I’m walking in the airport it’s this crazy nexus of being in a crowded place and totally alone.  No one else is listening to my tunes, I’m not talking with anyone, I’m just walking and people watching.  My mind starts to wander and I try to guess where and why people are going where they are.  Are they happy because they’re going on vacation?  Are they looking focused because they’re making a big sales presentation soon?  Are they sad because they’re going home?  There’s no listening to conversation, just the visual cues to point me in the right direction.


As I wander through the airport I come across things that remind me of past trips…  Flying out of this gate on one vacation…  Eating at this restaurant before flying to Australia…  Wandering through this part of the airport when my flight was delayed…  So many memories, mainly good, almost always reminding me of previous travels and adventures.

While I was flying I was working, focused, getting things done.  When I was at my destination I was focused, working, and learning.  In the airport, wandering with my headphones on I was totally present in the moment, not stressing about anything.  I was enjoying the time of being totally alone while surrounded by hundreds of people.  Such an odd thing, but incredibly peaceful…

Throw in the fact that time in the airport means that I’m either heading off on an adventure or flying back to my beloved home…  There’s always happiness in both of those.

Training today was great, time with old friends and new friends was appreciated, but the stillness of wandering the airport with my headphones on still has me feeling pretty chill.  For that I am thankful.




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