Day 360 – Thankful for Working Outside of My Comfort Zone

When Becky was gone last week I had to focus on the details, being practical, and taking things in order to get them all accomplished. It was tough for me, but when I stuck with the plan it all worked out. Not only that, but it felt pretty awesome to accomplish something that I’m not normally great at, taking care of the details.

This morning we had our monthly Territory meeting in Eau Claire and the focus was on making sure everything in our interview process was spot. That included reminders, training, role playing, and son questions. It required me to start at Point A and walk through all the details to get to Point Z. Prepping for it was tedious, staying relatively on track was difficult, there were so many times my shiny syndrome wanted to kick in! By the time we wrapped up it was mission accomplished. It was tiring for me to stay that focused, but it felt pretty rewarding by the end.

Today I’m thankful for working outside of my comfort zone. While it is tiring and doesn’t quite feel right, it always feels good growing.


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