Day 359 – Thankful for Vacation Planning and Team Development

Yup, what an odd mix today, right?  How often do you see team development and vacation plans used in the same sentence?  Not very often at all!  Then again, they are a couple of my favorite things…

One of the parts of my role that I enjoy most is working with my teammates to help them grow.  Today was filled with those types of conversations.  From helping on specific clients to learning about future career challenges they’re voluntarily taking on to help them grow to working through tough situations to business growth strategy – there were so many conversations that I was thankful to be a part of.  My teammates are extraordinary people who inspire me on a daily basis, it’s so awesome to see them continue to grow.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 9.15.46 PMThe other part of today is something that I always enjoy…  planning for vacation!  Not the details or anything like that, but the fun stuff that goes along with vacation like picking out a car.  That’s what tonight’s plan was.  In between delivering kids to and from various events I wanted to get our rental car reserved for Grand Cayman.  I am thankful for doing this because it means we can try something different (convertible Mini Cooper?  Why not?).  It also means that there are usually a handful of texts back and forth with friends, usually complete with joking around and many smiles.  It reminds me of where we’re going, it gives me a waypoint that I am working forwards to.  Lastly, when I’m doing vacation stuff it means Becky and I are talking about vacations, and often dreaming up new vacation adventures.  Does life get much better than that?

Today was pretty awesome for the most part.  Development conversations, vacation planning, and fun conversations with my family (Becky, the boys, Nick & Mom)…  It was a day I’m thankful to have had!


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