Day 358 – Thankful for Decisive by The Heath Brothers

As I continue making progress towards my goal of 20 books read (or listened to) in 2017 the most recent book I’ve picked up is one that I’m reading for the third time in about four years.  I’m pretty sure it was the first book I’ve ever pre-ordered, the concept had me right from the start.  Of all of the books I’ve read this is one that I refer back to more often than almost every other.


The entire book is dedicated to a simple yet thorough approach to making tough decisions.  They lay out the process in a way that’s easy to understand and remember, all while setting many tripwires in my brain.  When I trip on one of those preset lines my mind pauses and I immediately flash back to this book.

Here’s the process they recommend when making decisions (the WRAP process):

  • Widen Your Options – We often fall victim to binary decisions that don’t have to be.
    • What other new options are there?
  • Reality Test Your Assumptions – Instead of falling victim to our own biases test first.
    • How can I try on each decision without actually making it?
  • Attain Distance – Move past short term emotion by taking a step back.
    • What would I recommend to a friend?
  • Prepare to Be Wrong – Even with the most thought out decisions we may be wrong.
    • What are the best and worst case scenarios and how can they be encouraged or prevented?

As I listened to the book while driving this morning it was a a great reminder of how to think through each decision that there is time to think through.  When I’ve followed this process it usually works out.  Not always, but I know I’m more successful when thinking through the WRAP process.


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