Day 213 – Thankful for My Time Timer

Quick side note… yes, I know that Day 365 comes after Day 364. Unfortunately I did not know that Day 213 was supposed to come after Day 212, not Day 213. Pretty sure that I’m going to be off by a day every year based on being two for two! 😂

My schedule today was totally bonkers. With being out on Thursday and hot deadline approaching today’s schedule was about as loaded as it could’ve been. There were eight phone interviews, a coaching call, and a conference call each butted right up to the next with a short break in the middle.

Most days this would be a recipe for disaster. I’ve been known to go a little long on my phone conversations… or so I’ve been told. 😉 Today was all good and everything stayed right on schedule, it went just about perfect.

While I’d love to credit myself for just being that good and disciplined, it was really due to an awesome new tool in my office… The Time Timer.

I know, this will probably sound a little ridiculous, but with the way my mind is wired this clock has really helped! While my mind often wanders to different ideas (aka Shiny Syndrome), I’m much more cognizant of time when I have a visual like this in front of me.

Knowing how much time I have to devote to the task I turn the red portion to the appropriate spot (45 minutes was the norm today). As I take part in the task I can dive in full feet and just take the occasional glance at the clock t see how much time I have. It sounds weird, but I can more easily see how much time I have this way as opposed to watching a clock.

Today everything rolled on just the way it was supposed to with one exception of about 2-3 minutes. Pretty sure that’s never happened before, and I am thankful for having the Time Timer in front of me to help me out!


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