Day 351 – Thankful for All the Typically Unnoticed Things That Becky Does to Keep Our Family Running That She Makes Look Easy

How’s that for a mouthful?  I was thinking of a couple of different blogs, but it really only made sense to make the title as epic as Becky.

With Becky in the field this week it’s been a solid learning experience for me.  I know she does a lot to keep our house running, the kids in the right places, and me headed in the right directions, but…  HOLY CRAP!!!  The number of little things that I don’t always notice is crazy!


I had to sit down with my planner and map out EVERYTHING with her.  Seriously, my calendar for the week includes things like turning Gavin’s palate spreader twice, paying quarterly taxes, checking homework daily, running Gavin to soccer, taking Dominic to church classes, taking out meat to thaw for a sleepover later in the week, and many other things….  It’s been insane!  I’m just happy to have time to blog, chill for about 20 minutes and go to bed.

She does all of those types of things every week, and it seems totally effortless.  Becky just picks us all up, puts us on her back, and carries the load.  It’s wild that she hasn’t lost her mind yet!

Then, just as if it couldn’t get any better, she talks me into going to yoga tonight because she knows I’m stressed and busy and that it helps me chill.  It’s awesome, I have a coach to help push me in the right direction!  Again, another one of those little things that would’ve been easy to overlook that had a profound impact on the trajectory of my night.

For all of those reasons, and many others, I am so thankful for Becky’s ability to figure out a way to get everything done, while making it look effortless.  I’ve married a superhero, and I’m super grateful for that!




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