Day 350 – Thankful for Bacon Mac & Cheese and Many Other Things

With Becky out in the field doing research this week, it’s the Dad Show in the Kreiling house.  Almost nothing went as planned, it all got done, and it all got done with a smile.   As I write this post I’ve started typing and then deleted it as one thought starts to turn into another, and another, and so on.  After several attempts I just sat back and smiled…  Today was a crazy thrill ride of non-stop fun and excitement…  and I loved almost every moment of it (you’ll see why shortly!).


After dropping Becky off at work and getting Dominic up for the bus I took Gavin to the orthodontist to get his palate spreader.  While it may look like a medieval torture device it’s really to spread his mouth wider to create room for his teeth.  Back in the day I also used to sport one of these bad boys.  Gavin took it like a champ, smiled the whole time, and was super pumped to be able to take home the mold of his mouth that they had made last visit.

Work started off with me fixing and cleaning up an overflowing toilet.  When people joke about being the owner and the janitor – it’s true!  As gross as it was, there was a moment in it when I smiled and remembered a quote from The Book of Joy:  “I am but one of 7 billion on this Earth.”  If my ego ever starts to get too big, I’ll be sure to find a toilet to unclog and clean…  It grounded me quickly.

The rest of the work day was pretty awesome.  I was able to spend a good chunk of productive time with one of my work families, and it was exactly what I needed.  Most of the tasks were checked off today, the rest will be done tomorrow.

After work it was an evening full of rushing to school to pick up Gavin, take him home, get him to soccer practice, stop at Menards with Dominic to pick up plywood, drop Dominic off, pick up Gavin, and make supper.  Non-stop, but so many moments of joy and happiness mixed in.

I had fun talking with my mom… twice…  she was patient enough to let me end one conversation early to get Gavin ready for practice, and then call her back once I was on the road to the fields.  Our schedules haven’t lined up well over the past couple of weeks, it was great to spend time talking with her.

While driving home from Menards Nick and I were able to connect and shoot the bull.  Laughing and enjoying the conversation I was surprised to see we were on the phone for about 40 minutes – time flew by (& yes Nick, I know I just totally teed one up for you there!).

Once we got home from practice I fired up supper.  It was a concoction that I had dreamt up last night.  An homage to the Monday evening meals cooked by my dad when my mom had to work.  While he was more of a Hamburger Helper kind of guy, I put my own spin on two of the boys favorite foods…  Yup, I made Bacon Mac & Cheese.  Not going to lie, it was GLORIOUS!  The boys loved it too, so I was sure to remind them that if we ate this too often we might see Grandpa Pete much sooner than we want to!  It tasted great and it was pretty awesome knowing that Dad was smiling somewhere above.

While I was cooking Gavin wanted to FaceTime his Uncle Nick, so there we were having a ton of fun with Nick, Jenn, Lauren, and their dogs.  It was almost as if we were all together having fun at a family event.  Dominic threw out some pretty sick burns on Uncle Nick…  I have a feeling that he (Dominic) will regret that in the future! 😛

At a little before 8pm I was able to sit, chill, and eat my incredible Bacon Mac & Cheese.  After 15 minutes of chill time alone Becky was able to FaceTime us and we closed up the night talking with her.  Now it’s time to wrap up my blog, finish a couple of more things, and off to bed.

Looking back on today there was just so much awesomeness for which I am thankful.  In addition to the above mentioned stuff there was also a lot of residual gratitude from things that happened yesterday – setting times to meet with old friends during flurries of texts, getting to know a relatively new friend much better, and so on.  Today was pretty awesome and I’m thankful for the BacMac (maybe a name for the dish?) and all of the other things that made it amazing.




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