Day 349 – Thankful for an Awesome Day at the Renaissance Festival

How do you follow up a day of running ourselves ragged?  You do it again! The alarm went off at 5:30 this morning and it took some coercing from Becky to get me off the couch (while she fed the cat I went from upright to laying on the couch) and off for our run.  It started off rough, but by the time 10 miles were in the books I was feeling better than I should have.  A shower afterwards and we were off on our next adventure!

We met up with a couple of families of great friends and headed up to the Renaissance Festival.  The weather was perfect, the food was great (seriously, a BLT Hot Dog followed up with Chicken Shwarma?), the entertainment was… entertaining, and the people watching was epic!  By the time we headed back to the car everyone was totally exhausted.


The best part was spending time with my family and friends.  There were many great conversations, jokes, and experiences shared.  It’s always nice to have an excuse like the Renaissance Festival to get us all together for a day.  Thanks for the fun memories today!



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