Day 348 – Thankful for a House Full of Exhausted Kreilings

There are four exhausted Kreilings in the house tonight. Shortly after this post the boys and I are going to bed, which is where Becky and the dogs already are. The first week of school is always a long one, but there were a few extra things that made today even more tiring… and almost all of them were good.

Gavin was under the weather last night so he was a little more tired than normal. He had his first soccer games today and had a lot of fun. In between games he slept on the couch. After the second game he fell asleep on the couch. We played a lot of board games and he’s not even complaining about going to bed, a sign that he’s totally exhausted.

Dominic had his first day of soccer refereeing and was outside in the sun for most of the day. Between that and a full week of cross country practice he’s toast! Pretty sure he almost fell asleep at church tonight (which at least three of the four of us did… I couldn’t see Gavin clearly or it may have been all four).

Becky had her open house for the USGS and between prepping for and attending that, her prep for her PhD, and getting ready to be in the field for the next week she is also pretty tired. It was pretty awesome that she was able to head out for a little bit with Gavin’s game.

My day was full of shuttling boys to and from games and work, working on the garage, and playing a lot of games with the boys. Tons of fun, enjoyed it, but I’m ready to crash. Bring on a 10 mile run tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll be exhausted tomorrow too!

While we’re not the most exciting family ever this Saturday night, I’m still thankful to have a house full of exhausted Kreilings. We lived life hard in a very good way and I can’t think of a better way to… zzz… zzz…



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