Day 334 – Thankful for Dominic

Birthday week is in full swing and I’m happy to be thankful for Dominic today!  For his 12th birthday he hitched a ride to the Dells to take an all day soccer referee class.  When I woke him up at 5:30 this morning he was smiling, happy, and ready for a great day.

There are so many reasons that I’m thankful for Dominic.  He’s incredibly kind and wants to make sure that everyone is included and enjoying themselves.  He’s giving of his time, always willing to help others out, and understands the joy that comes from helping others.  The kid got some pretty tremendous smarts from his mom and isn’t afraid of challenging himself to learn new things.  He dreams big and works hard to achieve them (like climbing to the top of the mountain!).  Throw in the fact that he a pretty amazing big brother.  I may be biased, but all in all, the kid is pretty awesome!!!

Super proud of you dude, thanks for being an incredible son and friend.  Your mom and I are so very proud of you and are thankful to have you in our lives!  You may not know this, but you help push me to be a better dad for you.  Thanks for being awesome!!!  Love you Bud!



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