Day 333 – Thankful for Being Inspired by New Friends

This past week of training in Oklahoma City has helped me out tremendously in several ways.  The training is specifically set up for new Express franchisees opening up a new office.  This is the training that gets them prepared to run their new office, build it from the ground up, and learn the ropes of the staffing industry.

The reason that I wanted to get this training after being with Express for almost two decades was to learn what I was missing, to see how things are supposed to work, and find ways to help my great teams become even greater and positively impact the lives of more people.  To that point the training was an incredible success.


What I wasn’t expecting was the incredible motivation that I received from all of the new (& couple of old) friends throughout this training.  Being surrounded by so many successful individuals who were embarking on a new venture with Express was AWESOME!  They were pumped, excited, nervous, confident, and ready to become the newest superstars in our amazing organization.  Their positive energy was contagious and kept reminding me of why I got into this business in the first place.

In most cases they came to Express to help people, to create something special, and to become business owners.  Some wanted a change of pace from larger corporations.  Others wanted to live their purpose and find a way to help more people.  In all cases they came to Express for the same reasons that many of us have – a family of professionals united in helping people and creating new opportunities.


While I’m excited to go home and start using the skills I’ve learned, I’m going to miss all of the people I’ve trained with.  While we are all scattering across the country, I’m going to be thinking of them often.  When I’m down I’ll remember their excitement and get fired back up.  They are the heart of what our organization is all about, people willing to take a risk to help others while bettering themselves while living out their dreams.

Thank you so much to each and everyone I’ve had the honor of training with in both of these weeks, please know I’ll be thinking of you often, sending positive thoughts your way, and in contact to ask your advice when I get stuck.  I look forward to seeing you all at ILC and cheering for each of you as you head up on stage to get your award for hitting Fast Track…  the first of many successes you’ll have within Express!

A special thank you also to each of our trainers, the Express HQ team, and everyone else who made this an unbelievably successful training.  I’d also be remiss to not thank my wife and boys letting me chase my wild dreams with Express.



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