My apologies in advance to my buddy, Steve, the original anti-hipster.  Seriously, I had this really deep and introspective blog post somewhat written in my head, but at the end of the day there’s one thing that’s made me smile way more than it had any right to today…  and that is Hipster BBQ.   So… Hipster BBQ is a station on Pandora radio that my brother tuned me onto this weekend.


Over the past couple of days it has been playing in the background of the majority of my activities at home.  The music is pretty awesome, there’ve been very few songs that I’ve given a thumbs down to.

Over the past day here’s a sampling of the reasons why I’m thankful for this oddly named music channel…

  • It makes me think of hanging out with my brother, mom, and their families while cruising on the lake up north while chillin’ on a late Sunday morning.  As some of the exact same songs come up I smile and think about where we were in the lake when it was on.
  • There’s been some pretty epic texting going on between several of my friends and I over the past day or so related to this station.  How can I not be thankful for something that gives us an excuse to have fun and shoot the bull?  We’ve all got busy lives and don’t get to hang out as often as we’d like, but at least we can text occasionally…  and this gave us a great reason to!IMG_1330
  • There’s been some pretty awesome new music on this channel that I’d never heard before.  I’ve suddenly fallen in love with the tunes of The Strumbellas, Kaleo, and Milky Chance.  While grilling in the rain as I drank a beer this evening I had this channel playing in my pocket and I found myself movin’ and groovin’ more than I had any right to, but it felt pretty much perfect.

So I’ve been growing a beard, I used to own a lot of flannel, and now I listen to Hipster BBQ, but I’m pretty sure I’m not a hipster yet.  I’m not wearing a stocking cap in the summer, I don’t shop at Whole Foods, and I don’t drink PBR (unless it’s free).  That said, if this music is what hipsters listen to while barbecuing, I might have to attend a hipster BBQ or two…  Don’t worry, I’ll bring real meat and plenty of cheese!



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