Day 325 – Thankful for the Hostess with the Most-est, Becky Kreiling

You may or may not know this, but I’m not a huge fan of large gatherings.  Give me time with a small handful of people and life is great, I’ll be smiling the whole time.  A bunch of people and the smile fades quickly and I get drained.  To be clear, I really like people, I just struggle with many at once.

That said, I get a little nervous when I hear a comment like “I’m having a bunch of co-workers over for dinner…”  They’re all great people and I have a ton of fun with each of them, but all of them at once and I get a little nervous.


Cue Becky, the Hostess with the Most-est…

So Becky to the rescue as she gets all the food prepped and ready, makes sure that everyone will have something that they will like, and that everything is set for a great night.  Never nervous or rattled, she gets everything in line and ready, including me.  Sure, I’m happy to jump in and help, but she’s the brains, the mastermind, behind any get together like this.  I ask her what she needs, she tells me, and life is good.  No matter what type of curveball gets thrown her way she takes it in stride, doesn’t stress, works her magic, and everything works out great.

Tonight was another example of that.  There were approximately 20 of us and everything went of perfectly!  Almost exactly enough food (enough leftovers for one meal), a great time, and everyone was smiling and enjoying each others’ company.  It was awesome!  Even me, the dude who’s not a huge fan of that many people at once, had an excellent time.  She was able to set the stage for everyone in a ways that there were always many conversations going and it never felt like 20-ish people.  It felt like there were a few small groups and every so often the groups switched a little.  It was perfect!

If it were left up to me there would only be small gatherings once in a while, that’s my comfort zone.  Thankfully I have Becky to balance me out and reminding me that I can have a lot of fun with a larger group.  As a matter of fact, I had an incredible night with many people that I wouldn’t have had without her.  I’m so very thankful for her hostessing skills that helped create an awesome experience for all of us tonight.

Thanks Mrs. Hostess with the Most-est, you’re the best-est!!!  Love you!!!



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