Day 323 – Thankful for Those Magical Little Moments of Humanity

As I was heading to Chatfield very early this morning I was listening to The Book of Joy.   I know, you’re probably getting tired of hearing about it, but suck it up, it’s pretty awesome and there’s probably more posts upcoming 🙂

One of the stories they shared had my laughing out loud.  As they’re talking with the Dalai Lama, one of the most revered holy people in the world, he shared a story to demonstrate the way that humor and humility add to our joy.

He discussed a meeting with some Japanese officials at a very formal meeting.  As they were perfectly dressed, acting very professionally, and embodying the word “formal,” a piece of fruit rolled off of the table that they were standing around.  As the fruit rolled off the table they were scattering and diving for it, acting like normal people trying to catch something falling.  The Dalai Lama found this very funny and his laughter caused everyone to pause and laugh at the humor of the situation.  He said that in that moment everyone was human and everyone was smiling, feeling happiness.  The part that literally made me laugh out loud was was when he shared that ever since that moment when he’s in a very formal situation he’s secretly hoping for something funny to happen just so everyone can have a laugh and be more human!  How cool is that, someone of the Dalai Lama’s stature hoping for a trip or fall to add a little humor?


At yoga tonight we had one of those moments and I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did everyone in the room.  While we’re all very focused, serious about our breathing, and concentrating on how we’re moving there was a direction from the instructor that half of us misinterpreted as a different direction.  Realizing that half of us had made a mistake we all broke into laughter and enjoyed the moment.  There was no focus, stress, or concentration, only the joy of appreciating a magical little moment of humanity… and it was awesome!!!

Those little moments eliminate the differences that stand between us and unite us all as simple humans.  Those little moments make us all smile and remember that there is no difference between any of us, we’re all just people appreciating life.  How awesome is that?



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