Day 320 – Thankful for an Awesome Family Summer Day on the Boat

Becky and I kicked off the morning with a nice six miler, the first long run of our training plan for an upcoming half marathon.  Running while it was cool and quiet on the country roads alongside the lake felt wonderful.

Thanks to Uncle Nick and Aunt Jennifer there was a boat for us to cruise around on the chain of lakes.  Between tubing, wake surfing, and cruising we all had a great time just soaking in the sun and maybe having a hoppy beverage or two!  All eleven of us fit on their boat very comfortably and it was fun shooting the bull and listening to tunes.


There’s something about being on a boat on a sunny summer day like today that leaves me smiling from ear to ear.  No stress, just relaxation.  At one point I had the front of the wake boat all to myself and may or may not have fallen asleep for a little while 😉

Pretty soon we’ll head out for a bite to eat, maybe an Old Fashioned or two, and the day will be complete.



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