Ever have one of those days on vacation with the family when things aren’t quite going as smoothly as hoped?  Maybe the kids are driving you a little crazy?  Yup, so have I, and today was one of those days.
At some times it was just that there was so much noise!
For the most part it’s been a great time, but there were moments in which I felt my inner Chevy Chase (aka Sparky) starting to come out.  Fortunately, we headed out to a place that always makes the stress dissipate…  The local ice cream place!
Ahh…  ice cream on vacation…  suddenly all stress fades away into sweet, creamy goodness.  My shoulders relax, there’s a little bit of quiet, and everyone is suddenly in a great mood.  Not just any ice cream though, only vacation ice cream has this mystical power!  Ahh…
Thank you Vacation Ice Cream for sharing your healing power with me tonight!

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