This past Christmas we teamed up with Nick and Jennifer to get Mom and StepBrad a pretty sweet cabin up in Northern WI for a long weekend this summer.  The idea was that instead of stuff we wanted to give an experience, and it was a huge success.  I was a little nervous at first, thinking that Mom and StepBrad had to wait over half a year, but it seems like it paid off!

As we all are just getting back to reality, shopping, prepping for the week, getting kids ready to be shipped out, bathing dogs, dropping off boats and the like, we’re all pretty wiped out…  but in a very good way.  It was an awesome weekend of spending time together that we will remember for quite some time!  There is no question that many memories were made that we’ll have forever – the bike ride, the game of Catan that would never end, ice cream on a pirate ship, watching the boys get tossed while tubing, laying out on the dock to watch a meteor shower, more boating, and lots of fun family time in between and during all of those moments.

It’s kind of funny, we got this as a gift to them, but I’m pretty sure we got just as much or more from it.  Thanks again for an amazing long weekend with my family, it was AWESOME!!!



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