Day 308 – Thankful for Old Vacation Pictures

As I think about it, there may have already been one day in which I’ve been thankful for this.  Regardless, I really don’t care about the rules as old vacation pictures really are just that awesome!

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 9.24.57 PM

As I’ve been getting my pictures cleaned up from this latest adventure I’ve started spending a little time going through my old pictures to make sure that I’ve got all the oldies but goodies saved and ready for future viewing.  In going through these old pictures my brain is flooded with memories of vacations gone by.  Some alone, some with just Becky, others with family, and yet others with friends.  Each old album freshens up some great memories and they all put smiles on my face!

March 2010 Florida Trip 1194.jpgMarch 2010 Florida Trip 976.JPG

Today I’m thankful for the huge number of smiles that going through these old pictures have brought forth.  I can’t imagine a better way to chill and enjoy a quiet night at home.




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