Day 309 – Thankful for Chillaxin’ at Home to Recover from an Awesome Trip

I’m usually a fan of keeping very busy.  Whether it’s in my shop, working on a project in the house, or anything else that keeps me moving there aren’t many times in which I’m content just sitting around doing nothing.  Even when I’m on the phone I’m usually pacing.  Tonight is an exception to the norm…


The breakneck pace of the past week and change has finally caught up with all of us.  The boys and I are chillaxing on the couch watching Doctor Strange, and it’s just what the doctor ordered (pun totally intended)!  Once the movie is done it’ll pretty much be bed for all three of us.  10+ hours of sleep sounds pretty awesome!

I don’t like feeling like a slouch, but in a time like this I know it’s because we’ve had so much fun that we’ve completely worn ourselves out…  and for that I’m thankful!



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