Over the past 93 hours we’ve driven 2,615 miles, hiked approximately 21 miles, gone up over a mile of incline, and had a blast doing it.  In one 33 hour stretch we were either hiking or in the car almost the entire time, the only exceptions being for bathroom breaks!

In that time period we each pushed ourselves beyond our current limits, achieved goals and dreams, strengthened friendships, learned new skills, and created so many memories that we’ll never forget.

It was a whirlwind of awesomeness that none of us will ever forget.  My gut feel is that this will inspire many future long weekends of excellent experiences.  We now know that we can disappear for a handful of days, run ourselves to the point of exhaustion, and enjoy every single minute of it!

Even now while I’m now exhausted, stiff, and sore, there is no question that this was exactly what the doctor ordered…  A road trip that the boys (Dominic & Gavin AND Steve & I) will never forget.


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