Day 296 – Thankful for Our 3 Core Values

Over the past couple of year my Express teams and I have worked very hard at living our three core values.  They aren’t just words on a wall to fulfill a corporate checklist, they are a way of living our lives.  Each of my team members knows them by heart and many difficult situations have been handled successfully by going back to them.  Today was an excellent reminder of why they are important.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 10.34.28 PM

Due to the situation surrounding today’s specific reminder I’m not able to share the details of the situation, but I can say the following.  We had a very difficult challenge that we were facing and when we looked at it through the lens of our values it became easier to see the necessary course of action, one that is usually saved as a last resort.  Making this call is always difficult because it hurts us in the short term from one standpoint, but making this call also makes us stronger for the long term and is the right decision from the point of our values.

One of the books we’ve read a long time ago mapped out the concept of values and vision in a very interesting way.  The vision is the end zone of a football field, it is where we are driving towards.  The values are the sidelines, they help us know if we are in the right place.  As we held to our values today we may have taken a small step back, maybe took a sack, but set ourselves up for the score in the next few plays.  Without our core values it would have been much tougher to make the call.

The very interesting side note is that when we determined the appropriate course of action and made it happen there were some interesting results that showed us that it may help propel us further towards our vision than we ever could have imagined.

There are always many ways to handle a situation, today I’m so very thankful to have had the solid foundation of our values to work from, they really guided us in the right direction.



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