Day 297 – Thankful for a Run with Dad

This morning I got up early like I’ve been meaning to all week 😉.  After slowly waking up and stretching out I headed down to the fitness center and hopped on a treadmill.  At first I was reminded of how much I dislike “dreadmills,” but after handful of heavy footfalls I started to cheer up and enjoy the ride.

As I was heading into the home stretch I started thinking of Dad.  The music I had chosen started pushing me in that direction, but it turned into a full on shove as Avicii started blasting my ears.  A huge grin stretched across my face as Broken Arrows started, and inspired by the song and the thought of my Dad running with me I upped the speed into ranges that I have no right to be running in.

For some reason while I was running and totally engrossed in the song (which was followed by The Nights) I pictured myself running on a trail with Dad alongside of me.  He was smiling that smile of pride that’s been burned into my memories, one of many different smiles that he had.  As I started to feel winddd he told me to keep going and even chided me a bit with some of the same old jokes that we’ve shared forever.  The treadmill kept going, my legs kept moving, and Dad kept smiling.

At one point I almost broke into a laugh when I remembered a story he once told me about his first, and only, high school track race.  Long story short, he tried competing in track without going through practice.  He chose a race and took off like a shot out of the blocks.  Sprinting, he passed everyone and couldn’t believe how fast he was going.  Rounding the second bend he was amazed at the lead he had built…  and that’s when he realized that there was more than one lap in the race…  and was quickly passed on the last lap by everyone.  It still cracks me up picturing that!

So on my run this morning there I am, going way too fast, and Dad was laughing as I remembered that story.  Totally lost in my own little world I was smiling, jamming out to my music. Possibly singing out loud a little, and enjoying a run with Dad.  It was awesome and an incredible way to start the day.

Dad, you may be gone, but it’s wild how many times I’m still feeling you near me.  Thanks for that!  Love you Dude!!!



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