Day 298 – Thankful for Staring at the Back of an Airline Seat

So much awesomeness to be handful for today!  From new friendships, great training, taking time out of the whirlwind to work on long term growth, being able to make a positive impact on others and everything in between it’s been a steady stream of gratitude today.

The funny thing is that what I’m most thankful for is when I caught myself staring at the back of the airline seat in front of me…

Seriously, it’s crazy, but I’m thankful for staring down that head rest in front of me.  Totally mundane, but when I stop and think about it’s deeper symbolism it hits me between the eyes.  That is one of the coolest views in the world.  When I catch myself staring at the back of the seat in front of me it means I’m going somewhere.

That view is the one I see when I’m amped up to go on vacation.  It’s the one I see when I fly out to go to training.  Same view when I’m flying out to train others.  Every single time it means I’m going, and if I stay present I’ll probably be growing too.

But that’s only half the story…

The times I’m even more thankful for this view when I’m going home.  It means I’ll see Becky soon and give her a long overdue hug and smooch.  When I am looking at that seat the boys will be running up to me for a hug soon.  That view means I’ll see our dogs and LuLu will possibly be so happy that she starts sobbing when she sees me.  It’s a boon of a night of great sleep in my own bed.  It means I’m thankful to be home.

It’s funny how sometimes there are these little things and moments that can make us appreciate other things more just the same way this view of the back of the airline seat did for me today.

Time to wrap this up and be amped for going home!!!


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