Day 294 – Thankful for Great Conversation with an Old Friend

Today’s training was great, but at the end I was ready to head off to my room to chill.  My brain was full and there were too many ideas rolling around to even begin to think about anything else.  I figured I’d go back up, slip into pajamas, relax and be asleep by 8pm.  Sounds both old and glorious at the same time, doesn’t it?

As it worked out there was an opportunity to hang out with an old friend of mine  We figured we’d go out of a beer, shoot the shit, and call it a night.  Nothing crazy, we were both in the same mindset of calling it an early one.  Next thing we knew a few hours had passed by and we’d had a great time catching up and shooting the bull.

Sure, we talked about business, that’s what we’re both here for, but it was more than that.  We also talked family, life goals, values, parents, and spirituality.  We were able to bond on many fronts and it was great bonding with an old friend.

Funny thing is that I had written a blog about being thankful for him a year and a half ago after he sacrificed a day to help me out.  ( see Day 137 ).  Spending time with him again was a great reminder for me of both how far I’d come since the last time we’d had a good chunk of time together and also how much his one day had influenced me.  As I think back to that previous conversation I can’t help but smile as I realize just what an impact that talk had on me and how it helped get me to a very good place.  Had it not been for his unbiased insight things may have been very different.

Throw in some talking tonight about my dad and reminders of some of the incredible gifts that Dad gave me and it was a pretty great night of conversation with Jeff again.  It’s funny how stepping out of the craziness of day to day life has led us to some fantastic bonding time.  We’ll have several opportunities for conversation over the next several days, I’m sincerely looking forward to them!



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