I’m so thankful my family loves the outdoors and science!  I’ve the past couple of days of camping this has really stuck out to me and it puts a huge smile on my face.

I wrote yesterday of the trail run with Becky while camping with her family and we all know she loves science…

Dominic had so much fun spending the entire weekend outside with his cousins, much of it spent either fishing or catching frogs.  He may not have caught one of the gigantic bullfrogs that he was after but he enjoyed the chase!

Gavin got a present that he loved busting out as soon as we got home…  almost 20 geodes that were all begging to be cracked open.  Pretty sure there’s a solid chance he becomes a geologist of some sort.

Over the course of the weekend camping trip we had the opportunity to enjoy many great moments outside, including an awesome lightning show!

One thing is for sure, I’m so thankful to have a family who loves being outside and needing out with science as much or more than I do!  Who needs screens, TVs, or AC when you can be outside enjoying the natural world? 😄



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