Day 292 – Thankful for Trail Running with Becky

One of the things I look forward to with camping with the Thums Clan each year starts on Saturday morning.  As the boys wake up they slowly exit the tent and Becky and I get to sleep in a bit.  After a little while we start to stir, stretch out, get dressed, and head out for a run.  This year followed the standard pattern. 

Staying at a new campground this year we quickly realized that there were some nice trails to run so we quickly got off the pavement and enjoyed running on dirt, mud, and grass.  There’s something peaceful about running in the wild like that, so quiet and free of stress.  As Becky and I kept going we were reminded of past training runs and races and had fun thinking back to each.  It was very relaxing.
Running with Becky is always nice, but today it felt even better thanks to getting off the road and on the trails.   It also helped me think forward about when the kids are grown up and we’re traveling more…  wake up on any day, not just a Saturday, and find a trail nearby the place we’re staying.  Ahh…  I love times like this when I’m able to simultaneously enjoy the present and the thought of the future…  all from one simple trail run with Becky.



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