Day 281 – Thankful for Wrapping Up Vacation

Over the past few vacations I’ve spent at least part of the way home putting together our pictures from the vacation.  Today I’m doing the same as Becky finishes driving the last leg.  Every time I go through our vacation pictures I laugh at just how much we did and how it seems like an eternity ago even though it was less than a couple of weeks ago.

I went through the pictures and picked one from each day that made me smile big and reminded me of what we did that day.

Saturday, 6/24/17 – Heading Out:  IMG_9199

Sunday, 6/25/17 – Exploring Hurricane Ridge in Olympic NP:  IMG_9371

Monday, 6/26/17 – The Ancient Trees and Rainforests in Olympic NP:  IMG_9521

Tuesday, 6/27/17 – Second Beach in Olympic NP:  IMG_3898

Wednesday, 6/28/17 – Seeing the Awesome Raw Power of Nature at Mount St Helens:  IMG_9766

Thursday, 6/29/17 – Visiting Paradise in Mount Rainier NP:  DSCN4466

Friday, 6/30/17 – Traveling to the Other Side of Mount Rainier NP:  img_9930

Saturday, 7/1/17 – Touring North Cascades NP:  img_9992

Sunday, 7/2/17 – Crossing into Canada:  IMG_0104

Monday, 7/3/17 – Gondolas Galore and Flying Into the Clouds:  IMG_0167

Tuesday, 7/4/17 – Homeward Bound:  IMG_0189

Another awesome Kreiling family vacation is in the books, many new memories have been made, and I’m smiling as I type this and go through photos…  Life is awesome!!!



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