There’ve been a handful of things that I’m thankful for today.  Some of the highlights included the boys working on their dream lists (Gavin wants to school at the University of Michigan for Nuclear Chemistry and Dominic wants to go backpacking in Olympic National Park), both of their dream lists including a ton of travel, and joking with friends and family.  I even started writing today’s blog about eating a meal at home (a rarity over the past few months), but something stopped me…

When I got to work this morning I fired up my computer and due to plugging it into the monitors everything on the desktop shifted from its normal position.  In the shifting icons I found one that was out of place in the middle of my screen…  a video of my dad.  I smiled and hit play.  Here it is:

Watching the video and seeing the smile on Dad’s face left a huge grin on my face and warmed my heart.  It was an awesome start to the day.

As I started typing up the blog for today about the meal at home I was looking for a file and minimized my screen.  There in front of my eyes was this video again.  I played it for the boys and they giggled just like they did on the screen.  It was an awesome end to the day.

While I usually keep a relatively tidy desktop I’m going to leave this video for a while.  Whenever I need a smile I can double click and feel better.



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