Day 283 – Thankful for Becky Putting Up with My Musical Choices During Our Run

When we run I always keep my phone in my hand, it’s nice knowing that the boys can call anytime.  While we usually talk when we run there are some runs in which I just need a little bit of tunes to keep me going.  Other times there’s a song stuck in my head or another that just feels right and I need to hear it. 

Becky’s preference is either quiet or talking so I usually respect that and keep the iTunes off.  Tomorrow morning I just didn’t feel right.  I was tired, dragging, hot, and struggling with the humidity.  I just wanted to quit.

As we paused for a DDB (dog deucer break) I thought of a friend of ours who listened to a specific song last night while running.  She and I have something in common, we’ve both recently lost our dad’s.  What was the song she listened to?  The Nights by Avicii.  I followed her lead, blasted it as loud as my little phone would play, told Becky why it was on, and we were off!

After that we moved into Wake Me Up and Broken Arrows by Avicii and then moved into another couple of songs that just felt right, Dreams and Right Now by Val Halen.  

As we got to the end I felt the need to sprint and give everything I had in the tank.  As I traded LuLu for Skywalker Becky smiled and let me take off.  Once again I played The Nights and I was off at almost full speed.

The song was wrapping up as I turned the corner, totally gasping for breath.  The music helped power me through what had been a rough run and it felt great.

There’ve been other days when I’ve been thankful for music while running or a specific song, but today I realized that I was most grateful for Becky being totally okay with me playing music, running without talking much, and taking off in a sprint at the end.  It was as if she could tell that it was what I needed, what my soul needed, and she smiled and let it happen even though it’s not her preference.  That was pretty awesome of her and I greatly appreciate it!

Becky, thanks for letting me blast my music and run like an idiot, I needed it in a bad way this morning.  Love you!



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