Day 284 – Thankful for Learning New Lessons and Being Able to Share Lessons that Others Have Shared with Me

Today was a great day, one filled with many positives that I am thankful for.  When I paused to think about what to write about tonight there were a handful of conversations that have really made my day special.

There were times in which I was able to learn from my teammates, colleagues and clients.  New work ideas, life insights, and a little bit of everything in between were tossed in my direction and it was great soaking them up.

Intermixed with these new lessons learned I was able to pay honor to those who’ve helped me grow…  I had the opportunity to help share some of the lessons others have taught me.

It was great to learn some new things to share with others later, and to share lessons with others that I’m pretty sure they will share with others.  Funny how the nurse trees keep popping into my mind so often lately. 🙂



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