Today’s gratitude post was pretty much by accident.  We decided to take the gondolas up to the mountain top to get a new perspective.  As we started the ride seemed pretty sweet, nothing that would bring any adrenaline…


From there we were rewarded with a sweet view and a chance to have our picture taken with the Olympic rings from the downhill skiing competition.


As we surveyed the environment we noticed that by taking a chairlift we could get up to the summit of the peak we were on.  No big thing, right?  Hop on a chairlift and off we go!  That’s what we thought anyways…


As we started it was nothing but smiles…


But then I realized what a crazy high climb with no seat belt or harness felt like…  especially with an 8yo next to me that never stops moving.  I have a mild fear of heights that hit me hard.  Wanting to panic but knowing that there was nothing that I could do about it I kept breathing and did everything I could to calm down.  The adrenaline was pumping and I did everything I could to not freak out as we finished with a 100′ vertical ascent at the end.  It was wild!

Once it was all said and down I was glad that I did it.  The views I can remember now that I’m not facing the dizzying heights were breath taking.  The top of the mountain was astounding, we were just chilling in the clouds!


As we hiked down there were 20′ tall snow walls…


Overall, it was an incredible experience that I’m glad to have had.  Almost more importantly, it reminded me that often times there are some incredible things waiting for me when I go past the point of my fear.



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