Today we took the boys out of the country for the day and are chillin’ on our patio in Whistler, BC tonight…

For many reasons today seemed totally surreal.  We drove across the border without a single political joke from Gavin to the Canadian Border Patrol person.  North of Vancouver we had a spectacular view of snow capped mountains and the brilliant green Strait of Georgia.  Many new things to see, many things that just didn’t seem real.

That said, the only thing that seemed even more surreal was our touring of a few Olympic sites.  Whistler hosted the nordic events (skiing, ski jumping, and biathlon) as well as the sled related sports (luge, bobsled, and skeleton) and had an Olympic Village.  We spent some time at each location and it was AMAZING!!!

While the biathlon isn’t something I would watch it was so cool to see where they shot…

From there we went to the Whistler Sliding Center and were able to see and touch various relics of the sled based games including bobsleds, uniforms, shoes, and so on.  I was even able to hold one of the Olympic torches!  It was wild!!!

The Olympic Village was also just totally not real…


The other part of it that just made me smile was hearing the boys talk about how badly they wanted to try the bobsled (have to be 13) and how Gavin wants to go to Luge Camp and Dominic wants to try Skeleton.  Who knows, maybe this crazy dose of surreality lit an olympic sized dream for them?



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