Day 176 – Thankful for Eagle Watching with the Girls

Another day, another 18+ hours of awesome things to be grateful for!

After a long day of driving and work I finally got home around 7.  The boys were at church and Becky had just started reading a paper for her school.  Based on the awesome things I had seen on the drive home I decided to take the girls out for a little eagle watching on the river.

There were eagles EVERYWHERE!  This time of the year is so awesome that way.  We saw them fishing, playing, fighting, and just chilling.  The pics don’t do enough justice, there were two within 100 feet of us.  Trying to get a pic of them diving proved difficult, but it was still very relaxing…

The girls seemed to have a lot of fun too!

It was a pretty chill way to end a very great day.


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