Day 177 – Thankful for Incredible Coincidences

Yesterday I headed out to Eau Claire early in the morning.  Instead of the normal route I took a scenic country road to head up to Black River Falls.  Meeting a friend for coffee and conversation about hiring led me on a road that I haven’t taken early in the morning before, County C out of West Salem.  As I drove up and down the bluffs and valleys the sun slowly started its ascent.  At one point I just smiled and chuckled…

I was reminded of another time I was driving up to Eau Claire at about this time of the day.  I drove past an intensely serene and still pond that perfectly reflected the beautiful pink blue sunrise sky.  The view was so soothing to my soul that I jammed on my brakes, whipped a u turn, and headed back to enjoy the moment and take a picture.  It was such music to my soul that on that day I blogged about being thankful for being in the right place at the right time, being aware of it and taking a moment to enjoy it.

Can you see why I jammed on the brakes to go back and enjoy this? 🙂

As I stared almost a little too long at yesterday’s sunrise my heart was warmed by the memory of that moment and I thought about stopping again.  It wasn’t quite right and this time I just decided to enjoy it while I drove.

Last night after blogging I opened up Facebook and did something that is also becoming a daily tradition, looking at what I was thankful for last year on this day.  Imagine my surprise when I saw this…

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 8.11.54 PM

Are you kidding me???  What are the odds of that?  Here I was enjoying an incredible sunrise and thinking back to an awesome memory…  From exactly one year before (remember that I skipped Day 155 last year, it was actually day 176, not 177), almost to the minute!

Was it really a coincidence?  Was there some weird subconscious connection that drew it to mind?  Beats me, but honestly, I really don’t care how it came to be.  All I know is that this was one incredible coincidence that I’m very thankful for.


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