Day 178 – Thankful for the Crossroads of Growth, Opportunity, and Self Reflection

This one may not be posted until a day or two late due to cell coverage, but I still want to make sure that I’m taking time to be grateful 🙂

There were many things to be thankful for today, and as I lay on my pre-1940’s bunk bed at Scout camp there are many thoughts rolling through my head.  Over the course of the day I was able to interact with many coaches, teammates, and friends as I made my way through my task list.  All the while there were many dots connected and new dots revealed.  It was an incredible experience, so many moments in which there were lightbulbs flashing on.

As I think about it I’m overwhelmed with trying to figure out where to start with today’s post…  but there were a few themes that kept coming up.  They weren’t always all together in each moment, but there was usually a combination of two of them at minimum.  The recurring themes are growth, opportunity, & self reflection.  My mind is still bending as I try to look at the bigger picture on this, there’s definitely a connection between them all.

While this will be a thought I continue to ponder today I’m just thankful for running into the crossroads of all three today.  To each and everyone of you I interacted with today – thank you!


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