Day 179 – Thankful for Being a Kid and Making a Fort

Just like yesterday, who knows when this will actually be posted – coverage is extremely sketchy.  Also like yesterday I still wanted to make sure I took the time to chill, think and be thankful.

While so much of the free time of kids seems to revolve around electronics and screens it was awesome to spend the day doing anything but that (the screen time I had to type this being the one exception).  The boys helped out with cleaning sticks out of campsites for a while and then had a lot of time to have fun outside and entertain themselves.

Some of the boys went running through the woods and some decided to build a fort.  Working together they gathered logs, sticks and all the other necessities for an awesome shelter.  After showing them how to close up some of the gaps using small branches, pine needles and leaves they had a pretty sweet fort to play in and continue to build.  In no time they also had a sliding entrance door that would be opened for the lucky scout who knew the password (which was, ironically “there is no password”).  

The whole time the boys worked on it they were smiling, laughing and having fun.  It made me so happy to see them all having such a great time outside and enjoying themselves like this.  I’m so thankful that my boys are in Scouts – what a great experience!



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