Day 175 – Thankful for An Email Reminding Me to Keep a Growth Mindset

Have you ever received one of those emails that caught your attention and got you thinking?  One that made you stop and think a little extra about you course of action?  Maybe it was so good that you even keep it filed away to remind you of something important to remember about yourself?  Today I am thankful for that email.

We had a very interesting Owner / Manager meeting that was focused on what is going on in today’s hiring environment.  As opposed to being one in which we walk away with set plans it was focused on taking a break from the normal chaos and taking time to think.  With the right mindset it was a wonderful respite from the continual doing and allowed me time to just think.

Part of the reason that it went so well was that prior to jumping into the meeting I re-read a great email I got from one of my mentors a little while back that helped remind me to keep a growth mindset.  There were a couple of times that I might have normally fought back a bit or had gotten frustrated, but with my brain primed appropriately I was able to listen and learn.

Tonight I’m thankful for that email, the one that helped me get my brain in the right frame of mind.


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