Day 171 – Thankful for Old Ideas Unexpectedly Coming to Mind at the Right Time

In the middle of a very interesting conversation on the state of our business Nicole and I kept getting stuck. She had a great point, but I couldn’t quite agree with her completely. I had a great point, but she couldn’t quite agree with me completely. In talking through it we both knew we were close, but we were also both wrong. As we kept talking it out the light bulb went off!

I love reading and learning. It may take a lot of time, but it always seems rewarding. Once in a while I wonder if it is actually worth it, will I ever use this information again? Usually I can shut that thought out and persist, but sometimes it sticks with me.

Today was that reminder that it is worth it. Sometimes the right answer is an idea that was planted long ago. That’s exactly what happened today.

Pulling out a nugget of knowledge that had been stored many years ago from the book Great By Choice by Jim Collins we had found the right answer. While we can’t give it away quite yet, it seems to be the right way to solve the issue we were facing.Thanks!!!


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