Day 170 – Thankful for Taking a Moment to Let the Feeling of a Team Success Soak In 

This was a text I got this afternoon after one of my teammates and I talked about the results of our previous week:

It was an incredible feeling!  How much better is the moment knowing that it the success was  shared by a team?

It really got me thinking on the ride home today.  As I reflected I kept thinking back to one of the things that motivates me most…  having independence.  That said, the feeling of accomplishing something great as a part of a team is flat out awesome!  After a while I started to realize how such seemingly polar opposites can happen at the same time.  While a part of a team I have the independence to decide where to put my time, focus and energy while helping to push the team towards our combined goal.  Pretty sure that’s one of the most satisfying things in my working life 😄



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