The presentation went very well today and I my adrenaline was pumping afterwards.  I went back to the office, got done what had to be done, and then left a little early to get in the run I skipped this morning to get a little extra practice in.

Once home I was planning on either Running with Dominic or throwing on my headphones and getting a solo run in.  Dominic had a headache and as I was getting ready Becky told me she had to take Sky to the vet, maybe I should take LuLu.  Why not?

One of the reasons I agreed to getting a dog in the first place (not that I really ever had a choice!) was to have a running buddy.  At the time we got Sky the boys were too small to leave home alone so we had to run solo.  I saw pictures of runners smiling as they ran with their furry companions in several magazines and bought that would be peaceful.

Today was one of the first times in as long as I can remember that it was just LuLu and I out for a run together, and it was just as awesome as I’d imagined.  Her playful bouncing made my legs less heavy, her smile made me smile, and her stopping to smell everything gave me time to walk and breathe!  Four miles later we’d had a wonderful time bonding.

While I’m still not much of a dog person, times like this remind me that there is one somewhere deep down.  Thanks for the awesome running date today LuLu!



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