Day 152 – Thankful for Exploring with My Travel Buddy!

Today sight seeing felt right, Becky and I were doing it together.  We left our hotel, got our car, found our new hotel, and enjoyed an awesome breakfast.  Shortly after that we met up with an old friend of Becky’s and started exploring the city.


Reliving some of the highlights of my tour on Tuesday we also added in a few bonus sites!  After cruising down Billionaire’s Row we headed out to see the bridge.  From there we went to one of the coolest places of the day…


The Yoda fountain at Lucasfilm!  It was pretty sweet!

After cruising through the Haight Ashbury district we headed up to the top of Twin Peaks and had an incredible view of the entire city.


Spending time with her friend was great, seeing the city was pretty cool, but spending time with Becky, my travel buddy, was AWESOME!!!  I’m very grateful to be out exploring with her!


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