Day 153 – Thankful for the Advice of the Cashier at Trader Joe’s

As we picked up some hiking snacks last night we got into a conversation with a very friendly cashier at Trader Joe’s.  The conversation led to her sharing a favorite hiking place she went to just a week or so ago, Almera Falls.  It’s a tidal fall (a waterfall that empties into the ocean) and it’s at the end of a pretty sweet hike.  After a little research we decided that it was the place we would start our day with today.

Holy crap was it AWESOME!!!  Hiking along the ridge overlooking the ocean the majority of the time and hiking in dense forest the rest, it was a brand new experience for both of us.  There were many firsts for us including:

A salamander:


A banana slug:


And we saw some pretty incredible sites including the waterfall (from a distance the tide was too high to get next to it):

The hike was pretty awesome, and we totally would’ve missed it had it not been for the cashier at Trader Joe’s.

We wrapped up the day by heading to Muir Woods to see some pretty awesome redwoods…

I’m pretty sure I broke Becky during the 14+ miles of hiking today…  Here’s what she was looking like a little before 6pm tonight 🙂



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