Ahh…  Vacation…  one of the greatest ways Becky and I stay sane and happy together!  While we were hiking today Becky figured out a title for our yet to be written book on happiness as a family, but alas, I was told I couldn’t share it yet.  Let’s just say we lived the title today and it was AWESOME!

For those of you that haven’t experienced the whirlwind of a Kreiling vacation, let me enlighten you by taking you through the day (and sharing what I’m most thankful for today).


We started with waking up around 5:30am, took in breakfast, and headed out to Pinnacles National Parks.  Once we got into the park we started a 6+ mile hike by going through a gnarly cave.  After that we started trekking up the trail and were able to see many incredible views and amazing rock formations.  The path of the trail was crazy steep at times, almost non-existent, and was a huge surprise – we had no idea how scenic it was going to be!


After that we headed back towards our hotel and called an audible and drove across the peninsula to drive up the gorgeous Highway 1 on the coast.  We took in a tasty seafood lunch / supper at about 3:30pm and followed it up with coffee.

Heading north from Santa Cruz we ran into a traffic issue and our route was closed.  As opposed to getting frustrated we again called an audible and headed out on a small country road we happened to find on Apple Maps.  The route was pretty spectacular – though Becky thought it was a little treacherous.  We went on a drive through some huge old pine forests that were almost dark due to the dense coverage.  It was hilly, steep, curvy, and went down to one lane in several places.  Part way through the detour we drove through the remnants of a mud slide.  They had plowed a one lane cut through the debris that was higher than our car!  I had a blast driving it.

Once we got back on Highway 1 we headed up the coast and talked with the boys.  As we talked with them we happened to pass a spectacular spot to catch the upcoming sunset.  We headed out onto the beach and investigated the tide pools while we watched the sun slowly drop into the clouds and the ocean…  Did I mention we were snuggled up and holding hands while we watched it drop?


From there we headed back along the ocean, occasionally talking about the beautiful sights, sometimes talking about the highlights of the trip, and most of the time just enjoying quiet while sharing each others’ company.  It was pretty awesome.


The day was a non-stop whirlwind of awesome, I’m thankful to have had a typical Kreiling vacation day with the love of my life.



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