Day 155 – Thankful for Cleaning the Lint Out of the Dryer Filter

Man, oh man, do I love me a great metaphor! Not sure why, but I see the world in pictures and stories and then I quickly compare them to past experiences and stories to help me fill in the gaps in the narrative. Why did I act like this at this time, how have others acted in the past in similar situations, and what can I remember to remind me of the appropriate response in the future? So much of my life is soaking in those moments to catalog for future comparisons. Kinda strange, right? That’s just how I’m wired I guess.

Today I’m handful for one of my favorite metaphors, cleaning the lint out of the dryer filter. Several years ago I heard this at a training and it really stuck. The intent of the trainer was for us to have a picture in our mind’s eye when we need to set our preconceived ideas and notions aside and look at a situation more clearly.

Why this is striking to me today is that the past week and a half has been an exercise in cleaning the lint out of the dryer of my brain. I’ve had the opportunity for self reflection, many opportunities for learning new ideas and concepts, many new stories that have moved and motivated me, and a chance to think on all of it. Throw in a little vacation (my ideal lint removal technique – I have to be 100% present in the vacation to truly enjoy it) and my lint filter is sparkling clean!

This was very evident to me as I picked up a training that I’ve been writing for a couple of months. With the fresh and clean mind I made more progress today while traveling than I have in the months preceding this trip. The content flies out of my brain as fast as I can type and write it, it’s almost effortless as I reach a state of flow in creation. I’ll never cease to be amazed by the productivity of a clean mind… and a dryer filter with no lint!Thanks!!!


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