Day 151 – Thankful for Added Motivation

Today is the last day of our 2017 Express International Leadership Conference, and in one way I’m very thankful for that…  My brain is full!

My brain is full of new ideas, reminders of old and successful ideas, and new combinations of new and old.  There are new industry trends, reminders of past successes and failures, and everything in between.  Intellectually it has been such a great experience that I’m on the verge of my brain being overstimulated.

In addition to my brain, my soul is also feeling full.  I’ve had a chance to rekindle friendships with my Express family.  There’ve been stories of high highs and low lows that can’t help but motivate me to be better.  We’ve honored each other and our associates with awards and accolades.  We’ve had great speakers who inspire me to thing and dream bigger.  Amongst all of the conversations, reunions, and motivation I’ve been making subtle adjustments to my dreams…  in most cases figuring out how to either make them bigger or get them started…  or a little of both!

I’ve jotted down so many notes over the past four days and I’m excited to review them on the flight home.  Until then I’m going to set them off to the side and intentionally not open that notebook until the wheels are up on my flight.  I’ve found that taking some time without concentrating on these ideas allows me to sift through them and focus on the most important.  Over the course of time I’ll probably start to see other connections, ideas, and concepts.  With this extra time I can distill those thoughts into action plans to move the best few forward.

All of this extra motivation has been AWESOME!!!  I’m giddy, hopeful, full of dreams, and ready to be better than I was before this conference.  I’m so thankful for all of the added motivation this week!  To close up today I’ve included a quote that I recently saw that really hits the feeling of this week home…  fullsizerender-8

Sadly, it’s from a catalog in my room!  Regardless of the source, it is pretty much right on.


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